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Custom Silicone Bracelets Purposes

Since Lance Armstrong started wearing the custom silicone rubber bracelets with the writing “Livestrong” on it, people started wearing too. This means the trials and hardships Lance Armstrong passed to be an ace cyclist.

But these are the custom rubber bracelets that make them so famous? The first is that they are highly customizable, and second is that they are cheap to make.

But what are these bracelets custom silicone rubber? These custom silicone wristbands are colorful silicone bracelets that are worn on the wrist with messages stamped on them.

custom bracelets silicone

Custom silicone bracelets with special designs are custom-made by manufacturers based on customer specifications. We can see ordinary custom rubber bracelets with simple designs worn by others. But did you know that you can also customize the rubber bracelets with other patterns like your country flag or your schools colors with the school logo.

Other foundations use these custom rubber bracelets for fundraisers and promotions. They could promote a certain date for an event. But what I normally see are the custom rubber bracelets with the US flag designed on it saying “Support Our Troops”. These custom rubber bracelets were used for the war in Iraq. Now, I can also see custom silicone bracelets with messages for the current situation in the Middle East.

Many people were saying that these custom rubber bracelets were just a passing fad. I do not agree. I think these bracelets will stay here for long. These custom rubber silicone wristbands will continue to evolve so that people from all walks of life can have their own message on it.

Custom Silicone Bracelets for Business Promotions

Remember going to the last trade show? Remember that small booth where all you have to do is place your name, phone number, address and email address, and once you do that, you get a free mug with the name of company on the cup?

Well, you really do not care what the company is all right? If it was a hi-tech electronic gadgets sales company, and you were not in gibberish, you always put your name and get the free mug.

Well those mugs are quite expensive, about $ 2 $ 3 per mug at wholesale prices, including printing, packaging, shipping, and the mug itself on what its made out. Its as effective for the company since the company is advertised on the mug itself.

Imagine the new craze right now, on silicone rubber bracelets measure. These are those who come to make a great success there about 2 years – and they are always in demand! These are similar to the Livestrong bracelets, which we see almost everywhere!

custom silicone bracelets design

It is made of high quality rubber, and you can customize it from the color of the bracelet (you can even blend two colors together, or put a stripes or swirled pattern with more than 2 colors), you can put this Message want on the bracelet and select the font (obviously put the company or organizations name on it) and put the logo of the company or organization as well.

It announces the organization also, the message is seen by everyone that sees the bracelet. Mugs can only be seen during breakfast at home.

Well the silicone bracelets are super cheap! Much cheaper than mugs! For around 500 pieces, you can purchase these custom silicone bracelets at around $ 0.50 each, and it should not be too serious to distribute a large number of people. They are still 4 to 6 times cheaper than mugs, and more useable.

They can also be used for promotion, to advertise a new product or a new store being opened, used as a gift. During the political campaign, politicians spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote themselves, and an effective way is to Customize Silicone Bracelets with their name and color, and they can give them for free! If you see a city full of Blue Wristbands during the past presidential campaign, what should that mean?